Assessing mercury contamiantion in the Amazon

Table of Contents

1. Abstract

2. Introduction

3. Discussion

3.1. Western guidelines
3.2. Map of main study area in the Amazon
3.3. Background concentrations of mercury in the Amazon
3.4. Anthropogenic sources of mercury in the Amazon

3.4.1. Forest burning
3.4.2. Gold mining (A personal study is included in this section)
3.4.3. Soil erosion

3.5. Methylation of mercury in the Amazon

3.5.1. Common analytical methods
3.5.2. Mercury methylation rates in the Amazon

3.6. Human health risks due to methylmercury ingestion

3.6.1. Toxic effects of methylmercury
3.6.2. Studies on human populations outside of the Amazon
3.6.3. Studies on human populations in the Amazon

3.7. Realtions between mercury in fish and mercury in humans

3.7.1. The single compartment model
3.7.2. Human fish consumption patterns in the Amazon
3.7.3. Observed mercury concentrations in fish and human hair
3.7.4. Predicted mercury concentrations in humans

4. Conclusion

5. References

6. Links

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